Rusty Hearts Heroes getting a US soft launch, simple Action RPG gameplay

It’s very rare that online mobile games get soft launches that include the US market – usually they go for a smaller, more controllable, territory like New Zealand, the Netherlands, and other territories similar to those. This is where action RPG Rusty Hearts Heroes is different – it’s getting its second soft launch, and the developers have chosen to include the US market as its target area.


Rusty Hearts Heroes is a spin-off from the PC MMORPG called Rusty Heroes. This game looks to be fun because it has an old school brawler type feel to the combat and gameplay. Players can do combos and chain attacks together with special moves to finish off your enemies while dungeon crawling. You’re your character levels up, you can choose to increase attributes (STR, DEX or Magic) so you can basically personalize your build for your character.


On the aesthetic and visual side, the game has a heavy anime look to everything, appealing to the younger generation and fans of Japanese style animation. Please keep in mind that this is a soft launch, so there will be a few bugs here and there. Watch the gameplay trailer below.

[embedded content]

Being the second soft launch, it can mean that a global release is somewhere in the near future. The game is free to download – if you are in one of the activated territories our countries – with some IAPs. Check out the download link below.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

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