Samsung C-Lab intros six new projects by employees

Just like Microsoft’s Garage Project, Samsung has its Creative Lab Projects (C-Lab) to allow its employees to work on their own creations and innovations that will hopefully make the world a better place. Okay, that sounds too idealistic but seriously, it’s an experimental program that has inspired dozes of employees already within the South Korea tech giant. C-Lab has been instrumental in making employees get more creative in their work and turn their passions into reality.

We’ve seen a few projects already like the WELT that has already moved to Kickstarter for crowdfunding and those three projects shown off at the CES earlier this year. Samsung also introduced five projects at the SDC months ago.

Six more projects are being presented to the public as Samsung has just finished successful demos of the projects namely Ahead, FITT360, Hum on!, ItsyWatch, LiCON, and Waffle. We’re expecting to learn more about these C-Lab projects but for now, here’s a quick rundown:

Ahead. This comm device allows people hands-free option with a helmet. It’s best for bikes, skiers, or cyclists, replacing walkie-talkies or smartphones.

FITT360. It’s a special wearable 360 degree camcorder that lets a person record the surrounding scenes. It’s a convenient and compact camcorder that can help create VR content in the future.

Hum on!. This mobile app helps people to make own music by simply humming. App translates those hums into musical notes so they can “write music” even if they have no background in music composition.

ItsyWatch. This wearable device is designed for children. It allows them to learn good habits so they’ll grow and become more responsible.

LiCON. This one takes advantage of the phone camera to control devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) system.

Waffle. This new social network service allows people to draw and leave doodles on a contact’s wall. It’s another social network but it brings a more fun and exciting visual content and exchange.

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SOURCE: Samsung