Samsung Galaxy Apps app updated with better user interface, Wear category added

Samsung just updated its very own Galaxy Apps. It’s one of those routine upgrades that delivers minor improvements to the app. There’s no major or new feature added but the interface looks much better now. It’s cleaner and looks easier on the eyes. With the updated Galaxy Apps, we’re also introduced to a new facility for push notifications for future Samsung promos.

Officially listed as Version 4.2.01-7, the update also brings a special category section for the watch faces. This is obviously for the Gear smartwatches. If you own a Galaxy Gear, you can quickly access the Galaxy Apps app to view all related offerings. Just check the Gear section and you’ll be shown a list of available watch faces or apps to download.

The Galaxy Apps is where you can find apps for the Galaxy smartphone, tablet, or Gear smartwatch. It’s a one-stop-shop for all Galaxy-related apps. Of course, you can always get apps from the Google Play Store but in Galaxy Apps, you can see all apps relevant to your Samsung device in one place.

Update is available straight from the Galaxy Apps Store. Visit the app and see if a new software version is ready for download.