Samsung intros new Pink Galaxy S7 variant but no S7 Edge

Pink. Girls love pink. And what better way to capture the ladies’ attention than by releasing a pink version of the Galaxy S7? Samsung is busy marketing its current lineup because the Note 7 is dead. The company is losing “some billions” but there’s no stopping the South Korean tech giant from taking advantage of its current bestsellers as the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are good alternatives to the Note 7.

The pink Galaxy S7 isn’t surprising at all because Samsung already announced that it will be available soon. Sadly, it will only be ready for the S7 and no pink for the S7 edge. This is different from the Pink Gold version. It’s really Pink although we can’t tell the difference on screen. Maybe the difference will be more obvious in person.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 in Pink is said to arrive with the same 32GB onboard storage but a 64GB model will also be ready. The phone has just been listed on the company’s Korean website so expect it to be ready in the country very soon.

We’re not sure if other markets will receive the pink model as well but we don’t see any reason why not. Taiwan and China got the Coral Blue Galaxy S7 edge and besides, Samsung needs all the extra love (and sales) so yes, we hope Samsung listens to the people’s demands.

SOURCE: Samsung