Samsung may intro only one premium phone each year, to change strategy soon

Every single day since the first report of a Note 7 explosion, we’ve been updating the community about Samsung’s latest premium flagship phone. We highly anticipated for this one but unfortunately, it has become a failure. No thanks to complaints of overheating, explosions, and catching fire, Samsung has announced a global recall and exchange program but finally ended production after a few weeks.

We know this issue will affect other businesses someday. It may not be felt quickly but Samsung is looking at a $2 billion loss for this quarter and the next (Q4 to Q1). The company’s numbers are still up because of the other businesses–the components division–keeping it afloat but the South Korean giant soon needs to make adjustments. Rumor has it that the company may be changing marketing strategy after the past few weeks have become a major headache for Samsung.

The information was shared by Newsis yesterday who said that Samsung Electronics may launch only one premium phone each year. This is to ensure safety and product quality since it greatly failed the consumers with the release of the Note 7. The top phone maker is in the limelight for the wrong reasons. We know it’s not selling many millions as before but it’s still one of the most trusted brands in the mobile and electronics industry.

If this shift in marketing happens, then we may no longer see two major launches every year. Usually, there’s the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines being introduced but that may change. That makes sense but it only means one thing: Samsung has not controlled the situation yet. It still hasn’t figured out the reason after numerous reports. Investigations are still ongoing but looks like there’s no good news yet.

To be safe and sure, Samsung may not release another flagship phone and just focus on one. It’s totally understandable and honestly, we won’t be surprised if Samsung puts a definite end to the Note series. Nothing has been confirmed and made official yet but imagine how that could impact the other businesses and suppliers. Let’s wait and see how Samsung will work on this issue.

VIA: The Korea Herald