Samsung New Zealand, mobile carriers drop support for Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is good as dead. No, we don’t want to add to the problem of the South Korean tech giant but we’re guessing it’s better if we just forget about it. That’s what some carriers want to happen, at least, those in New Zealand–that the Note 7 be no longer in existence so as to avoid any future problems.

Samsung and mobile carriers have announced the recall and have released a software update, hoping to get users to take action but to no avail. You see, not all Note 7 owners have reached Samsung or the retailers for their replacements despite the company sending out notifications. More than half of Note 7 owners have already exchanged their units. Even those replaced phones will still need to be exchanged though as another recall was announced.

In New Zealand, Samsung just made an announcement that mobile carriers will no longer support their Note 7 phablets. This means the units won’t be able to handle data, receive and send text messages, and will no longer be able to make or take calls. Networks will discontinue service for those remaining Galaxy Note 7.

From today until November 18, Samsung New Zealand will send out reminders that networks will be dropping support for the unit. The Note 7 can still be exchanged with another Galaxy phone or customers can get either a refund or replacement.

VIA: Phone Arena