Samsung Pay giving early access to selected users in Canada

Samsung Pay hasn’t officially launched in Canada yet, but there have been reports that it will be the next country where the mobile payment service will be expanding to next. Those rumors have been strengthened by the fact that some users are being offered early access through the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. While there has been no official announcement yet, there is already an early access page on the Samsung Canada website, which is as good as a statement already.

If you live in Canada and have a card affiliated with the CIBC, as well as a supported device (Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S7, S7 edge, Note 5, S6 edge+), then you might as well try out this new way of paying for your purchases. In order to get into this early access program, you would need to give your email address on the Samsung Pay page on the Canada website and instructions and the download link to the app will then be sent to you. However, only select credit cards with CIBC will be able to work for now, and that does not include CIBC MasterCard, US Dollar Visa, and Prepaid Visa, at least for now.

Once you’ve registered, you will then be able to receive a confirmation email that you’ve been granted early access. Then you can go ahead and download the app and sign in and add the supported cards. You can now start paying for your purchases at stores where credit cards are normally used. Just tap your phones to the NFC or MST reader and voila, payment has been made.

For now, Samsung Pay is already available in 9 countries (South Korea, US, China, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Russia) excluding Canada. There are four more countries expected to be added by the end of the year, specifically Malaysia, the UK, Thailand, and Taiwan. Turkey will also be added but it will be in 2017.

VIA: SAM Mobile