Samsung said to be rushing things and decisions

We’re still not done with the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung still hasn’t discovered the cause of those “exploding” batteries but its executives vowed to find out. It’s been a crazy two months for Samsung who was initially excited about the Note skipping a number and then the new model being the most advanced ever.

We thought it’s another Note device that would become a bestseller and impress us in benchmarks and durability tests but unfortunately, even before we get to them, the South Korean tech giant announced a recall and launched a replacement program. That appeared like a smart move but apparently, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said they should make it “official” by going to them first. Samsung did partner with the commission already together with some other airlines and organisations.

Samsung has been very busy dealing with this problem but looks like many of its decisions are bringing more harm than good. The problem didn’t stop and more complaints were reported and so the company was then prompted to announce another recall.

The company is quick to announce its plans and decisions maybe that’s why it’s experiencing all these problems. There’s also a speculation that the executives actually know the reason. Why else would they do the recall if they are somehow confident about the quality of their products? Samsung phones catching fire isn’t unheard of but the South Korean tech giant did a recall quickly.

Samsung announcing a recall is not a problem. It’s not yet done exchanging the “unsafe” phones. Some people are still adamant to get a new phone or they’re too afraid of similar cases happening.

Samsung is believed to have early findings of investigations but is not disclosing them. All we know is that batteries were defective so they changed the supplier. The same thing happened to several Note 7 owners in different parts of the world though. Much has been said about the Galaxy Note 7 but we know the case will not be over yet.