Samsung suddenly discontinues Link app, effective immediately

When you’ve sent out an update to an app just a few days ago, would you just suddenly discontinue an app later on? Well apparently that’s what Samsung has done with their Link app, sending out a notice to customers that the app is no longer available as of November 1. While files have not been affected of course and can still be accessed locally or on the cloud, it would have been nice for users not to be surprised this way.

For those who are not familiar, Samsung Link is an app that let you play your content on other devices through WiFi, as well as access files stored in other devices, as long as you’re connected to the same Samsung account. It also let you upload your photos and videos automatically to either your PC or your cloud storage device of choice. It’s actually the newer version of the AllShare Play which was launched back in 2012 and basically lets you share files across your Samsung devices.

But not anymore apparently. The announcement that it was terminating the app comes as a surprise, and especially since there was no prior warning. The only explanation given was due to a change in “internal operation policy” whatever that means. The files that were shared on registered devices and services will of course not be deleted and can be accessed through the devices themselves or through the cloud storage facility.

We’re not really sure if Samsung plans to launch a different service that will serve a similar purpose to this app. But until then, you’d have to be satisfied with accessing files on various devices through your cloud storage app of choice. There’s also an FAQ page in case you need to know more specific details about Samsung Link, or rather the lack of Samsung Link.

VIA: Samsung