Samsung takes down GTA 5 MOD video that paints Note 7 as an explosive

Modded Games, an avid YouTuber who recently posted his modded video oF GTA 5, shared on Reddit that his first post was deleted. Redditor ‘sdaddy345’ said that Samsung had his video taken down from YouTube for some copyright issues. It’s just one video but he’s disappointed that it has come to this. It’s frustrating because he made the video 100% and didn’t copy from anyone.

Well, we understand Samsung if the claim is true, because it puts the company in a bad light. The GTA mod video features the Galaxy Note 7 being used as an explosive device. Some people will only laugh at this parody but definitely not Samsung.

As if the South Korean tech giant isn’t already feeling the “burn”, here comes a video that makes the Note 7’s image worse. Samsung’s problems are far from over and people will only share more complaints, criticize, or just make fun of Samsung.

YouTube sent Modded Games this message:


So it’s his first Copyright strike. It’s just sad that Samsung will go to this length just to protect its name. We found the video funny but of course, we understand where Samsung is coming from. If this is one of its new marketing strategy we’ve been anticipating, then we’re guessing anyone who will go against Samsung will have to be silenced.


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VIA: Reddit