Say ‘Hello’ to Facebook’s New Android App

Hola, Ciao, Bonjour, Gutentag, Nihao – Hello!

Do you ever receive phone calls from unknown numbers, prompting you to stare at your phone skeptically as it buzzes next to you? Or, perhaps you decide to pick up a call only to be blindsided by telemarketers or your crazy Aunt Linda.

Facebook is out to change this experience with its new Android app, Hello.

By making use of data that is shared publicly with Facebook, Hello is able to solve the mystery of who’s calling your phone.

This means that if you share your phone number publicly with Facebook, anyone with Hello installed will know you’re the one calling – even if you aren’t friends on the social networking site. If you don’t want your number shared publicly, you can change your privacy settings on Facebook and opt to just share your number with those who are your friends on the social networking site.

Conversely, blocking unwanted callers through the app is easy. So you can finally say goodbye to those awkward conversations with old high school acquaintances looking for a job.

Another great feature is the ability to search for people or businesses on Facebook and call them in one fell swoop.

Use multiple phones? No problem. Hello allows you to connect your account to any phone number so people will still know it’s you even if you’re calling from two different numbers.

The app is especially useful for those with limited minutes, as being able to determine who’s calling allows you to decide what calls to spend your minutes on and which ones to send straight to voicemail.

Currently available to Android users in the US, Brazil and Nigeria, Facebook will be widening the app’s availability to additional countries in the coming weeks.

If you chose to share your mobile number with Facebook, be sure to check your privacy settings and make sure it’s only visible to those you trust. And don’t forget – treat your mobile phone as you would your most prized possession, by protecting it! McAfee® Mobile Security is available free for both Android and iOS, and offers a variety of protections to help keep unwanted eyes from spying on your devices.

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