Signal instant messaging app now receives support for disappearing messages

Signal app for Android is one of the most trusted instant messengers today because they are said to be more private and secure. It recently got an update across all platforms which included disappearing messages. The Snapchat-style feature makes the instant messaging app more secure because you can be sure that nobody sees anything you have sent to another person even if you know messages are encrypted.

The app can delete messages as scheduled. You can configure it to remove both sent and received text after a specific time or interval. You should see a clock ticking once you’ve read a message. The messages sent within a conversation will be erased.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to keep message history and conversations clean, you will find this very useful. No need to go through your archives and delete every single message because the app itself will automatically delete what needs to be removed. Signal’s disappearing timer can be set from as quick as five seconds to one week.

With this update, the Signal app also gets added support for the numeric fingerprint format. Officially called as ‘safety numbers’, these items can be verified by reading a string or scanning a QR code. As described, they are easier to localize, can be audibly and visually distinct, and are more compact.


Download Signal Private Messengerm from the Google Play Store

VIA: Open Whisper Systems