SnapChat updated with new World Lenses, adds filters to your surroundings

SnapChat has many competitors now with Instagram Stories as its main rival. But when it comes to disappearing messages, it remains to be the most widely used in the mobile sphere today. Those flower crowns and dog ears and tongues have become so popular you’d easily identify that a photo is taken with SnapChat. The app has just gotten an important update that makes it easier to share and discover stories.

With the updated app, you can now press and just hold on a Snap to quickly send the image to your friend. Going back to a previous screen is easier now with a simple tapping on the left side of the screen.

You can try World Lenses by using the rear camera. You can now tap on your face to use Lenses while video chatting. This augmented reality app aims to be one of the best in its category. While some other AR apps have just begun, SnapChat has advanced by allowing you to overlay graphics onto the real world.

The World Lenses is a new feature that includes filters for the rear camera. This way, you can easily add 3D effects to a scene or your surroundings. Some examples include clouds that puke rainbows above a subject.

This AR app is also considered as mixed reality. It’s easy to use, silly at times, but it sure is fun to use. This update is only one of the many big moves by Snap Inc., the company behind SnapChat. In the coming weeks, it will launch Spectacles as a pair of sunglasses with special “lenses” that is set to launch to soon.

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