Solid Rose Gold TAG Heuer Connected offered with a mighty high price tag

When TAG Heuer ventured into the world of smartphones back in year 2012, we didn’t think it would be the last hi-tech move by the luxury watchmaker. It also entered into the smartwatch game together with Google and Intel by launching the TAG HEUER Connected Android Wear. The device is said to be in demand, causing the company to increase weekly production.

The TAG Heuer Connected Watch was unveiled a year ago as the next step to innovation. We have no idea how many units have been sold already around the world but we’re assuming it’s selling because the watchmaker is even releasing a more expensive version.

Starting price of the original version is $1,200 but for it’s first birthday, the line is getting a Solid Rose Gold version which is now super pricey at $9,900. We’re not really sure if there’s an actual watch ready on hand but TAG Heuer is serious with this one.

Knowing TAG Heuer, the brand will not launch something it’s not certain of. Perhaps the people behind it saw the potential and that there are people who are willing to spend that much. Apple released a $10,000 Watch before and once teamed up with Hermes. The $9,900 is quite “affordable” if we’re talking with those who are really into luxury watches.

If you have the means to buy this Solid Rose Gold version or even just the standard Connected Watch, head on to or straight to a local dealer near you to inquire.

VIA: Hodinkee