Sony overhauls Socialife app, now called News Suite

With the sheer volume of information available on the Internet today, we need a little bit of help organizing these things so that you can still catch up with what’s important and what you want to know. That’s why it’s necessary for us to have a reliable news app to keep us up to date. Sony users might be familiar with Socialife, the built-in news app on their devices, but now the OEM has overhauled the app into something called News Suite, and it is now available for all Android users.

Aside from a new, cleaner, more streamlined User Interface, the app is now simply divided into two major sections: the “News” tab and the “My Feeds” tab. Basically, the first one is what the developers or the algorithm think you should know, and it is filled with general news around the world, broken down into different genres like Entertainment, Sports, Business, Technology, etc. Meanwhile “My Feeds” is all about what you want to know based on your interests.


For the latter tab, you will be able to customize the content by either selecting from their news catalog or by inputting certain keywords, say your favorite actor/actress/athlete, or a topic you’re just generally interested in. As an additional bonus, the News Suite can also serve as a basic weather app, as it tells you the conditions in your area.


You can download News Suite from the Google Play Store for free. If you have a Sony Xperia device, it is already pre-installed there (updated from Socialife). But any Android device running on KitKat and above can have and use the app.


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