Sony releases update for Xperia X Performance for accelerometer issue

The Sony Xperia X Performance was released just last July, but already, some are saying it’s one of the better Android smartphones that have been launched this year. However, some users have reported having some responsiveness issues with its accelerometer, as well as a few minor problems with the barometer, gyroscope, etc. The OEM acknowledged that there was a problem and that they’re working on solutions. Sony has now announced a firmware update that will hopefully solve those pesky bugs causing these problems.

Sony Talk Support forums were full of complaints from users saying that their X Performance devices were malfunctioning. Specifically, the accelerometer was problematic as the auto-rotate function would not work and they had to restart their device just so it would, which of course is a hassle for users. Some said their phones were only days old and the sensors would randomly just stop working. Sony did not avoid the issue and admitted that there were some problems with some of the sensors.

Now a few weeks later, the firmware update to fix said problems is being released. Once your smartphone, both the dual SIM and single SIM variants, have been updated, you won’t actually need to restart your device every once in a while, since it will supposedly squash the bugs causing your phone to not automatically rotate when you need it to rotate.

The firmware version 35.0.A.1.297 is over-the-air (OTA) so it will take some time to reach everyone as it is rolled out in phases. To manually check if it’s already there for you, go to Settings > About Device > Software Updates > Check for Update.

VIA: Xperia Blog