Sony shuts down its “Live on YouTube” app

Apparently, ’tis the season to be shutting down some of the video apps that we’ve gotten used to. Twitter revealed that it was discontinuing their Vine app, and Sony has an announcement of its own as well. Their “Live on YouTube” app will be no more starting October 28, 2016. The app had been in existence for a little over two years but the OEM now has decided that they will not continue to update and support the app because YouTube has its own app anyway.

Two years ago, doing live videos on our mobile devices wasn’t that big of a thing and so when Sony released their app which let you stream live from your smartphone, specifically the Xperia Z2, it was pretty interesting for people who wanted to let the world know what they were doing live. Of course it was streamed through YouTube through the 20.7MP video camera of the smartphone, which at that time was pretty advanced. But you were also able to share the link to the feed on your other social networks.

Fast forward two years later and you have Facebook Live, Periscope, and YouTube itself has its own live streaming support. So Sony decided that they don’t want an app that would seem pretty useless given all these options. They do refer to the fact that you could still stream your live content through the video sharing app.

Unlike with Vine where you may need to download the stuff that you uploaded on the app. Live on YouTube’s videos are still saved on your local storage, unless you deleted it already from there. In that case, you can still probably access it from YouTube and just watch it from there or download it through other ways.

VIA: Xperia Blog