Sony unveils new audio products including portable,multi-room devices

We expect that every January, we get a lot of new products from various OEMs, from smartphones to tablets to smartwatches to peripherals, both from CES 2016 and from direct announcements. Sony is one of those companies making announcements left and right, and for their audio line-up, they’ve just unloaded a lot of new products, including several portable speakers with Extra Bass audio and those meant for multi-room set-up. Our only complaint is that Sony should have an easier naming system for their products.

We begin with a new range of audio products that have that Extra Bass going for it. The GTK-XB7 is a high-powered audio system makes you feel like you’re actually in a club even when you’re just chilling at home. With two large 16cm woofers, plus 3-way multicolor illumination, and of course the Extra Bass tech, then you have an instant club set-up at home. The SRS-XB3 and SRS-XB2 portable wireless speakers meanwhile are light enough to carry around, but still pack that bass-y punch. Plus, their battery life lets you have 24-hours straight wireless use (the SRS-XB3 at least) so you can “party from dusk till dawn.” The MDR-XB650BT meanwhile is a lightweight, wireless headphone that has been designed to enhance the deep bass for playback.




Meanwhile, in a whole new line of wireless speakers, we have High-Res and multi-room listening options. The SRS-ZR7 and SRS-ZR5 wireless speakers come in sleek designs that can also serve as decorative accessories in your room. You can stream your music wirelessly and configure multiple speakers in different rooms around your house, through the SongPal app. The SRS-XB3 and SRS-XB2 are water resistant portable wireless speakers that can be used both indoors and outdoors, with their IPX5 waterproof standards. Lastly, h.ear go is a portable Hi-Res wireless speaker, considered the world’s smallest with High-Resolution audio.




The Extra Bass line-up will be available in Europe by April 2016 and is priced as follows: €350 (GTK-XB7), €170 (SRS-XB3), €120 (SRS-XB2) and €130 (MDR-XB650BT). Meanwhile, the wireless speakers line will be available also by that time, except for the SRS-ZR7 and SRS-ZR5 which will come a little later by June. Pricing is as follows: €170 (SRS-XB3), €120 (SRS-XB2), €250 (h.ear go), €350 (SRS-ZR7) and €230 (SRS-ZR5).

SOURCE: Sony (1), (2)

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