Square Enix has launched Final Fantasy Legends II in Japan, may go international soon

Square Enix will probably not run out of game iterations for the Final Fantasy franchise soon. So here’s another one – this is called “Final Fantasy Legends II”, a sequel to its underrated namesake which was released as Final Fantasy Dimensions to the international market in 2010.

Final Fantasy Legends II is currently being made available for the Japanese market, with pre-registration ongoing. Square Enix is hyping this new title as “a new Final Fantasy legend,” and saying that “a new adventure” will definitely begin. Given the title, I don’t know how else they could hype the new game.

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Dimensions was a buy-to-play game, but Final Fantasy Legends II looks like it will be following the trend for free-to-play “freemium” games. The draw here is obviously being able to play all your favorite franchise characters for a huge mash-up. This game will be helmed by Takashi Tokita, director of the first Legends game.

As we said, FF Legends II is right now available for the Japanese market, with a pre-registration campaign ongoing. There is no information yet about an international release, but with a game this big you can expect Square Enix to definitely launch it internationally.

VIA: Kotaku