Stickmen take on a new sport in new game Stickman Basketball 2017

These Stickmen have been pretty busy, having taken on sports like soccer, American football, volleyball, biking, ski racing, etc. Now, they will be playing one of the most popular sports in the world with the new Stickman Basketball 2017. The game follows the basic rules of the sport of course, but also adds some fantastic moves that maybe actual basketball players will not be able to do in real life. But because they’re Stickmen, they can do a bit more than the real players.

They may look a bit the same, but make no mistake, these Stickmen are out to play ball. And the game isn’t just some pale imitation of the game, but a “serious” one at that, with over 115 different skilled teams to choose from, including official WBCBL women league teams. You can also choose from various modes, like a quick game, seasons, leagues, cups, knock-out games, and even a Special Graveyard mode.


You can also play multiplayer mode with up to four controllers connected so you can play with your friends on various devices. But if you only have one device, it also has a Party Mode where up to four players can also play. You get four levels of difficult for “longterm motivation” while playing in simple touch controls with timing controls as well. There are also a lot of unlockable content the more you play the game.


You can download Stickman Basketball 2017 from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available, but you don’t need to buy them and just play the game at your own merit.

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