Super Awesome RPG now available for Android devices

Most RPG games nowadays lets you run loose in a world where you’d have to fight your way to survive or earn points by collecting loot, forming alliances, defeating enemies, etc. In this new game available on Android devices, you still get to do most of those things, but with the added twist that you use a card game style of combat instead of the usual action filled games. Welcome to the world of the Super Awesome RPG.

Basically, the game is set in the same world as the developer’s previous game, Super Awesome Quest, but this time, with different mechanics and features. The anime-themed tactical RPG is actually played in a card game-style combat. The actions actually come from what you choose your heroes to wear. The attacks are then based on a one-thumb scratch-like mechanic. So you really have to think strategically with your every choice and every move here.


You can play multiple heroes and your pets are also upgradeable and can add to your prowess. By collecting and crafting stronger equipment though, you can further customize your hero or heroes. And if you want to experiment more with certain features, you can go into the Super Awesome Lab and play around with them. You can choose to play in Story and Dungeon modes, whichever you’re in the mood at the moment.


You can download Super Awesome RPG from the Google Play Store for free. There’s also a paid version for $4.99 and this already includes all the in-app purchases that you may want.

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