T-Mobile connects you, your car, the web with SyncUp DRIVE

In the age of connectivity, even your cars have to be part of this simple but intricate web of smart devices. We’ve seen several products that do just that and now, even your carrier is getting in on the action. Well, if your carrier, or rather, uncarrier, is T-Mobile. They have just introduced their SyncUp DRIVE, which they say is the “only complete 4G LTE connected car solution” that comes from an actual wireless carrier. It will be available later this month, but you can already get most of the details from T-Mobile themselves.

The device will turn your car into a WiFi hotspot which is perfect for long trips with loved ones. More importantly for some, it will help you with your car’s diagnostics, safety, and security features. And all you need to do is to plug the device in your on-board diagnostics port (every car after 1996 has one) and manage it from your smartphone. You don’t even have to charge it as it rides on your car’s battery.

So aside from bringing you 4G LTE connectivity, the device also analyzes your driving behavior and sends you reminders about dangerous about avoiding dangerous habits like speeding, harsh braking, rapid accelerations, etc. Of course if you don’t like having a backseat driver then this may annoy you. It can also help you keep an eye out for you on the various vehicles of your family members and send them reminders as well. And of course you will also be able to keep tabs on your own vehicle.

The SyncUp DRIVE device normally costs $149.99 but as a launch treat, you can get it for free if you sign up for a 24-month no-cost finance agreement with 2GB or higher mobile plan. And since you will need Internet in your vehicle anyway, that doesn’t seem like a bad plan. It will be available at participating T-Mobile stores and on their online store starting November 18.

SOURCE: T-Mobile