Taichi Panda mobile MMORPG gets Assassin’s update

If you don’t know what Taichi Panda is, we’ve covered this mobile MMORPG from Snail Games quite a bit, here and here. If you’re into MMORPGs on your mobile, this might be one you’d like to check if only for the unique martial arts approach and the great graphics. Or if you like big, fluffy pandas, we totally understand.


Snail Games is rolling out what it calls the “Assassin’s Update” to Taichi Panda, and it brings with it primarily a new playable character to the game, as well as a fair bit of new content. But first, the character – players are now able to create a character based on the Ninja class, which of course is popular as the Eastern assassins of old. With this new character, you get skills specifically for this class, as well as new gear designed specifically for the Ninja.

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As for new content, you can try out a new team-based dungeon called the Land of Hermit – but beware that this has “hard difficulty” tagged all over it. The game also has a new Thanksgiving-themed city, complete with decorations and a new UI just for the holidays. There will also be two new features in this update, the new Pet Cultivation System, and the Paired Talisman System.


If you haven’t tried Taichi Panda yet, check out the download link below. You can also update your gave via the same link, if you haven’t already.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store