Telegram now lets you play html5 games in your chats through bots

Messenger apps have long ceased to be just about the ability to send messages to your contacts. As more and more players enter the market, the leading ones are trying to make sure that they’re one step ahead of everyone else by offering features that will make people want to never leave the app. Telegram has been pretty aggressive of late, being one of the first to introduce bots to messaging. And now, the latest update lets users play html5 games in the chat box, and even create their own games should they wish to do so.

Gaming Platform 1.0 lets you play games from as simple as arcade and puzzle games to the more complicated 3D-shooters and real-time strategy games. With this initial launch, there are already 30 games that you can play and most of them are published by Gamee. To start a game, you can interact with the @gamee bot or @gamebot and then choose from the list of games.


If you’re the competitive sort, then you’ll be happy to know that you can play the games across all your chats and that all high scores will be saved. You’ll then be able to see which among you and your friends are doing well and which are top for each game. Every time someone beats the high score, the other members playing will be notified and if you’re competitive enough, you’ll probably want to get that top spot again.


If you’re a developer, Telegram says it’s easy to build the games as well. One of the existing games, MathBattle took just 3 hours to create while Corsairs, a demo game, took just 5 hours, including the sound, graphics, and animation. If you’re interested in creating the games, you can click here. And if you just want to play them, go ahead and update your Telegram app.

SOURCE: Telegram