Throw crazy parties, boost energies in ‘Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!’

Trolls will always remind me of my childhood back in the 90’s. If you’re not part of my generation, you can still at least know what trolls are. No, not the Internet trolls lurking in different social media networks but the forest creatures featured in the latest DreamWorks Animation movie. They have come to a new arcade game developed by Ubisoft, letting you build your very own Troll village.

Officially called as the ‘Trolls: Crazy Part Forest’ this new adventure game will have you going to a loud and crazy party where all the trolls know each other, growing crops, living in pod homes, partying all night, and getting crazy on the dance floor. You’re friends with all the trolls but you can still meet new ones. Those parties you’ll be throwing are a good way to attract more troll friends.

This new arcade game will have you playing for hours because there’s just so many things to do from unlocking new pod homes to hosting parties to showing off your talents–it’s one big party and play adventure.

Every time you play is exciting but there are challenges you need to master. You can collect all trolls to unlock more Trolltastic rewards. Take good care of them by boosting their energy with all the sweets you can find. You can also level-up each character by developing their talents from scrapbooking to Dj-ING, dancing and more.

What’s interesting is that this game was developed by Ubisoft. You’ll never think the guys who made Assassin’s Creed and Star Wars: Uprising can deliver something as cutesy as this. Bringing the trolls to a mobile game is easy and we’re sure this free-to-play game will be a hit. We suggest you watch the movie first before downloading the game so you’ll have an idea about life in the Troll Village.

Download Trolls: Crazy Party Forest from the Google Play Store