Timex IQ+ Move introduced as a smartwatch, more of a fitness tracker

More and more classic watch brands are venturing into the smartwatch game. There’s Tag Heuer, Michael Kors, Nixon, Polar, and Timex all introducing their smartwatches. There’s also Timex whose plans for such wearables have been heard since 2014. Actually, the brand earlier introduced the Ironman One GPS+ in cooperation with AT&T.

We haven’t heard anything related since then but now the company is showing off the IQ+ Move. The smartwatch game may be on a decline but this wearable is more of a fitness tracker allowing you to keep track of your physical activities. It definitely looks like a smartwatch but with more fitness tracking capabilities.

The Timex IQ+ Move is actually a follow-up to the Metropolitan+. The new model comes with interchangeable straps, a more class design, and the ability to measure sleep, track distance, and number of calories burned. The smartwatch connects via Bluetooth LE. Device promises lower consumption and is said to be powered by a regular watch battery.

The Timex IQ+ Move will be available in three styles on Timex website and Best Buy stores with a $149 price tag. This wearable is a first from the IQ+ Move line of analog timepieces available for both mean and women. Making this smartwatch more attractive is the Discreet and Incognito Activity Tracking Technology.