Todoist makes use of Smart Schedule for more intelligent planning

Artificial intelligence is the way of the future. If you’re still not convinced that AI is very helpful, try this Smart Schedule from Todoist. This new feature is embedded on the app, allowing you to do more during the day. The idea is that with AI, you can intelligently plan your day or week. By that we mean, the app can do the adjusting so you can finish whatever overdue tasks you have.

There are tasks you need to finish on time but truth is, you can only do so much. However, there are items you need to prioritize and do. Don’t let them pile up every time. You have to be productive and show the people around you that you are reliable and are a good co-worker. It can be a challenge to be organized but there are applications that can help you finish all projects. Todoist is one of the more popular mobile apps today used across major platforms. It gets regular updates so users can be more organized than ever.

The last update we noted included new features for Android Nougat. This time, you can take advantage of the Smart Schedule that helps plan out tasks not only for the day but also for the coming weeks. With Smart Schedule, the AI tries to learn your tasks, patterns, and habits for productivity. It predicts possible due dates for certain tasks based on your activities.

Smart Schedule looks into a number of things from your habits to task urgency to workdays vs. weekends and daily and weekly goals. Smart Schedule will do anything to help you accomplish all your tasks and projects in no time.

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SOURCE: Todoist