Transformers: Earth Wars gets largest update so far, Combiners now available

If you’re a fan of Hasbro’s Transformers, chances are you’re playing the Android mobile game Transformers: Earth Wars. If so, this bit of news is relevant to you – the game is getting its biggest update to date, and it brings with it the large combined robots of Superion and Devastator. This should add a lot more fun to your gaming.

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These two large robots are called Combiners, and they are formed from five or more smaller Transformers. On the Autobots side, Superion is the combination of 5 Aerialbots. For the Decepticons, Devastator is the combination of the smaller Constructicons. The smaller robots are transform to other forms on their own, but they combine to pose a bigger threat on the battlefield. The caveat here in the Transformers: Earth Wars is that you have to have all of the smaller robots to form the bigger one.


With the Combiners, the update is also bringing a new resource and building related specifically to the large robots. Ore-13 is collected as a resource and you can collect it at the Combiners Lab with the Ore-13 Harvester. The game is still a strategy game at heart, so you will need resources. There is also a new campaign that features these combiners.


If you haven’t downloaded Transformers: Earth Wars yet, do so via the Google Play Store. You can also update your installation via the link below.


DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store