Twitter Challenge: Your tips on cyber security

Cyber security can be a tricky issue for small businesses to get to grips with due to its complexity. So last month we launched a Twitter Challenge asking you to share your tips on how SMEs can keep their information safe online. We asked you to summarise your top piece of advice in a tweet using the hashtag #smallbizsecurity. Here’s a selection of your tweets

— BCRC (@BCRC_News)
March 19, 2014

Always think before you click on a link or file of unknown origin. Check the source of the message #smallbizsecurity

— BSP – Bytes SP (@spukltd)
April 30, 2014

@GdnSmallBiz Focus on your critical IT data – identify your “crown jewels” in terms of #ITSecurity & take expert advice on protecting them

— Linda Ockwell-Jenner (@LindaOJ)
April 29, 2014

@GdnSmallBiz #smallbizsecurity Awareness comes first, knowing the risks and staying informed.

— Linda Ockwell-Jenner (@LindaOJ)
April 29, 2014

@GdnSmallBiz #smallbizsecurity last but not least, Early Detection,the earlier a breach or some such challenge is discovered may limit them

— SENTRONEX (@sentronexnews)
April 30, 2014

@GdnSmallBiz SMEs often lack the infrastructure to protect against cyber attacks – addressing this will help you fight #smallbizsecurity

— Next Level BD (@NextLevelBD)
April 9, 2014

@GdnSmallBiz For clients we find running scans on websites and inputting captcha on contact forms can help as well as SSL #smallbizsecurity

— Jon Norris (@Jn_Norris)
April 14, 2014

@GdnSmallBiz If you use WordPress, restrict access to /wp-admin/ to your own IP address. Common entry point for hackers. #smallbizsecurity

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