Twitter video app for Android TV: NFL content, Periscope, Vine streams

Who would have thought that a social networking service would be launching an app just for Android TV? Well if you’re a struggling company like Twitter, then you probably will try and explore other avenues where you can establish your welcome presence. That may be the case as the micro blogging network has officially announced the launch of their Twitter for Android TV app where users will be able to access content like NFL streaming videos, Periscope, and Vine (well, what’s left of it) videos as well.

If you’re a fan of American football, then the fact that Twitter is bringing you streaming content from the NFL should be enough reason for you to download the app. Well, if you actually have an Android TV or you’re planning to get one. This may be part of Twitter having a current love affair with streaming videos and having this NFL partnership should boost their stock with sports fans as well.

Another great thing about it is that they have also incorporated Twitter’s nature of having a live conversation about something going on right now, in this case a football game. You can see the steady stream of content alongside the actual game and this include comments, who else is watching the game live and their photos and videos that they uploaded to Twitter. You will also be able to have expert analysis alongside you actually watching a game.

Aside from the NFL videos, you will also be able to watch Periscope broadcasts and even Vine videos, for as long as it’s still alive. So if you’re an Android TV owner and you also love streaming videos, maybe now is the time to download the Android TV app.

VIA: SlashGear