TWRP custom recovery now available for Sony Xperia X Performance, Xperia XZ

TWRP is probably the most used and recognized custom recovery software out there to date, eclipsing other custom recoveries that were released and developed ahead of it. Chalk that up to a better interface, continuous development, and the incorporation of better features that in the end make life easier for the people who want to tweak the software of their Android devices.

So the news is that TWRP – short for Team Win Recovery Project – now has custom recovery builds for some of the new Sony Xperia models, specifically the Sony Xperia X Performance and the Sony Xperia XZ. The Sony Xperia X Performance was released in June of this year, so this is right about on time. But the Xperia XZ was just released a week ago, so this is fast work for the team.


In fairness, the software structure of both models might be very much similar, which explains the speed of the release for the Xperia XZ. As a caveat, TWRP warns users that these Xperia phones use the FOTAKernel method in booting up the device. The short explanation is – if you want TWRP, you are strongly encouraged to use a custom ROM that supports the FOTAKernel method like OmniROM, CyanogenMod, and most AOSP-based ROMs.

Check out the download links below if you want to download these new custom recoveries. Remember, if you want to just change to a custom recovery while keeping stock software, it might not work at all.

DOWNLOAD: TWRP for Xperia X Performance | Xperia XZ