TYLT shows off new wireless charging and battery packs at CES 2016

As long as consumers keep complaining about their devices’ limited battery life, companies that cater to charging solutions will of course keep churning out products that can help us along the way, whether it’s wireless charging systems or battery extenders or whatever else solution they will come up with eventually. TYLT is one of those companies and at CES 2016, they unveiled all their latest products, including the one that has become a CES Innovation Awards Honoree this year, the ENERGI Desktop Charging Station.

Of course their pride and joy this year is the one that got them an award at CES. The ENERGI Desktop Charging Station boasts of the ability to charge five devices at the same time, a must now that we live in the age of multiple gadgets. It has four rapid charging 2.4A USB ports and one additional 1A port that can also become a removable, rechargeable 3,200mAh battery pack. For its wireless chargers, TYLT has two new ones. The VU 2.0 Wireless Charger has a 15W output for charging 3x faster plus a premium aluminum base. The VU SOLO 2.0 Wireless Charger also has a 15W output but is more for traveling or wireless desktop charging as it is portable and ensures your device is perfectly positioned on the charging coil.




Meanwhile, if it’s battery packs you’re looking for to charge your smartphones, tablets, or now, even laptops, TYLT’s Turbo line is what you need. The TURBO Portable batteries range from 5,200 – 20,800mAh . The most powerful is the 10X Turbo Portable Battery with its 50W output and it can be recharged in just five hours using TYLT’s DualFuel™ Technology. The TURBO Smart Chargers is the most powerful 2-in-1 wall charger and portable battery so far from the company. It can actually power up a laptop, so that’s a big deal. The battery can also be charged in just two hours with TYLT’s PowerProng Technology.



Prices are as follows: ENERGI Desktop Charging Station ($79.99), VU 2.0 Wireless Charger ($79.99), VU SOLO 2.0 Wireless Charger ($49.99), TURBO Portable Batteries ($29.99 – $89.99), and TURBO Smart Chargers ($39.99 – $99.99). All are on display at the TYLT booth at CES 2016.


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