Uber rolls out major redesign and streamlining of current app

If you haven’t had a major redesign of an app that is being used by millions of users everywhere, when you suddenly decide to have a makeover, it can go either way. Ride-sharing service Uber will soon find out which way the pendulum will swing as they start rolling out the brand new look and user interface of their app. Their guiding principle with the redesign is to bring the user to wherever they need to do in as few taps as possible.

When you open the app, you won’t see the Pickup Location and Destination fields anymore but a simple question of “Where to?”. Aside from the Home and Office shortcuts, you’ll also be able to see buttons for places that you frequent that the app has detected, and so you can just go to them with one tap. An upcoming feature would also connect your calendar with the app so that when it detects an appointment that has a venue, you will be able to get a ride to your meeting place through Uber with just a few steps.

Another thing they’ll are adding in the next few weeks is to turn your contacts into places by adding them to your app and when they do send a status as to where they are, you can click on the person and Uber will send them there.
You will also now see three major categories for all your different Uber options: Economy (UberX, UberPool), Premium (Uber Select and town cars), Extra Seats (extra-large cars and SUVs), and More (for other extra requests like child car seats, wheelchair-accessible vehicles). You will also now be able to see estimated arrival times, more specific ones for solo trips and a range for pool rides.

Eventually, you will also see an Uber feed soon, where connected apps will be featured, like Yelp reviews for places you’re going to, UberEats so you’ll be able to order food when you’re on your way home, Pandora radio stations, and even an Uber Snapchat filter. The current update already brings you some of the features we mentioned above but they will be bringing more updates over the next few weeks.

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