Unknown variant of the OnePlus X shows up in China’s TENAA

A new phone from OnePlus – yes, a new one to get a jump on everyone in the Chinese market early in 2016 – just showed up at TENAA a couple of hours from New Year. TENAA is China’s version of the FCC and approves all phones to be sold in the country. Some people are saying it might be a new OnePlus 2 Mini, or some other variant, but we think it might be a “China only” variant of the OnePlus X.

TENAA gives information on the model number, listing it as the OnePlus model number E1000. A little investigation should lead us to the fact that the OnePlus X uses the model codes E1001, E1003, and E1005. So it would be better to think of this as probably a Chinese market variant of the OnePlus X. Of course, we won’t know until OnePlus unveils this new unit.


So what’s different about the E1000 from the regular OnePlus X? As far as information from TENAA goes (which is very, very limited), absolutely nothing. Some people are saying that this could be a OnePlus X variant that has a more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor than the Snapdragon 801 that came out with the original OnePlus X. Again, these are all speculation and we will not know until some other stronger indications are leaked or when the China-based company comes out with an official announcement.


Until then, we just don’t know. Interestingly, if you search online (and TENAA as well) for the OPPO A30 recently approved in China, you might freak out and think you’re looking at the same phone. Is it really?


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