Unlocked Sony Xperia XZ now available on Amazon in Silver, Black

Sony is very much busy with its new Xperia X smartphones. The latest models to become available in the market are the following: the X Compact and the Xperia XZ which went up for pre-order on Amazon last week. We said the XZ will be ready on October 2 and the day has finally come as the Unlocked, Silver and Black versions are now available. We’ve been anticipating for these two ever since the pair of new smartphones was announced a few months ago.

The Xperia XZ was listed for pre-order in Europe also last September. We’re glad the phone is now ready for purchase in the United States but we heard that the XZ and the X Compact are not getting a fingerprint scanner. That’s disappointing for fans of the Sony Xperia line who’ve been wanting to get the two new phones.

As for the Xperia XZ, this premium smartphone is touted as the real 2016 flagship of the company. We don’t know if the US version will come with a free pair of Sony headphones.

To review, the Sony Xperia XZ comes equipped with a 5.2-inch Full HD screen, Gorilla Glass 4 display, 23MP main camera with three sensors (Predictive Hybrid Autofocus, RGBC IR, and Laser Autofocus), 13MP selfie cam, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 32GB storage, and 3GB RAM. Sony prides itself in the Xperia XZ’s imaging system that aside from the high-specced cameras, there’s the 4K recording feature with noise cancellation, dual mic, and a 5-axis stabilization.

Buy the Sony Xperia XZ Unlocked from Amazon. Available in Silver (Platinum) and Black (Mineral Black). The Forest Blue variant isn’t available yet but it should be ready soon.

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