Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will have AI digital assistant

Samsung needs a break badly. And so they are probably working very hard on the upcoming new flagship on what we suppose will be the Galaxy S8. This will be a major test for them, to see if the smartphone will be good enough for people to forgive them for the whole Galaxy Note 7 debacle. One of the things they have confirmed is that they will be launching an artificial intelligence digital assistant as part of the flagship.

Just last month, Samsung announced that they were acquiring Viv Labs Inc, which was actually run by someone highly familiar with voice assistant programs, as he was the co-creator of Apple’s Siri. So there was of course speculation that Samsung will probably veer into that direction for one of their upcoming devices. The Korean OEM will be integrating their AI platform called Viv into the Galaxy smartphones. Eventually, they will even be expanding it to other smart devices like home appliances and wearable tech of course.

While they did not give any specific details as to what services will be offered through the AI assistant when it launches next year, but they did say that third-party services can be seamlessly integrated into it. This will give developers and services more opportunity to use AI for their products, which can add to the interest in using voice to get things done not just on your device, but with other connected devices as well.

Samsung definitely needs a huge comeback, both for popularity and for profit’s sake. `It goes without saying that so much is riding on the next smartphone they’ll be releasing, given that people are distrustful of the brand as of the moment, due to the issues with the Galaxy Note 7. We’ll have to wait and see if the Galaxy S8 can win back customers and the public in general.

VIA: Reuters