Vimble S is a smart gimbal for your phone, now on Kickstarter

Some people may be content with their selfie sticks or tripods but professionals and real mobile photography enthusiasts want something more stable and more effective for capturing videos. Here comes a new Kickstarter project that aims to bring into production a new gimbal for your smartphone. So what’s a gimbal again? It’s a special kind of pivoted support that allows an object to be rotated on an axis.

This Vimble S is an ideal solution for those smartphones that offer premium quality imaging technology. The only problem with such devices is the fact that image stabilization isn’t as perfect yet despite the new features being added. Simply put, the Vimble S is a new monopod for the smartphones. It’s impressive because it can keep your smartphone stable as much as possible. You can move the phone as much as you like but the Vimble S will try to help capture great shots by stabilizing the images.

A HongKong-based company teamed up with Feiyu Tech to bring this project into production. They went to Kickstarter to raise funds to bring the concept into a reality. Fund goal is only $399,999 but over half a million dollars have been raised already with 27 more days to go before deadline.

No information on retail price but it could be anything below $200 based on the packaged pledges listed on Kickstarter. Estimated delivery is January next year. Sorry, but it may not be ready in time for the holidays and your New Year’s celebration.

VIA: Kickstarter