Watching Facebook videos on your TV now possible via streaming

Ever since Facebook updated its Video feature, more people are watching and live streaming on the platform. There’s still YouTube but Facebook has become another video rabbit hole because it’s so easy to swipe up to watch the next clip. Video on Facebook brings millions of people their daily dose of videos from different categories whether educational, entertainment, and recently, political.

You may be using your Facebook more often now not to check on your friends’ posts but more on videos. If you’re one those who like to watch from your feed, there’s a better way to keep tabs on the latest: by watching on your TV. You can soon cast Facebook videos to your TV by using Chromecast or Apple TV. It’s something we’ve tried with the two gadgets but Facebook is now empowering Android devices.

When you see the TV symbol on the top right corner of the screen, that means you can watch on your supported TV. Choose the device you want to stream to and start watching. It’s that easy.

You can then go back to scrolling your Feed on your phone while watching. You can still choose another video to stream. If there’s a Facebook Live Video available, you can also stream that post to your TV. It will be fun to see those comments and reactions on the screen.

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