WhatsApp Beta gets video calling back

Beta versions are made so that selected or volunteer users can test out features before it gets released to the general public. It’s usually still buggy so they need to get the feedback of testers in order to fix what’s wrong or change what doesn’t work. The WhatsApp Beta version enabled video calling a few months ago, but later on disabled it just as quickly. for undisclosed reasons. But it looks like this feature is back again, as reported by some beta testers.

Either there was an influx of beta testers trying out video calling that the servers weren’t able to handle it or they simply were not ready to roll it out and so they took it back. But whatever the reason, the beta users were sad that WhatsApp pulled the video calling feature. But apparently now, without an announcement from WhatsApp itself, it’s back. Users have reported seeing the option to make a voice call or a video call when they updated the app.


Just like before, you would need to have the video calling option enabled in order to make the video call, obviously. You will also only be able to call those who are on the beta build as well, and they have to enable the option too of course. Bringing it back to the beta version may mean that they are this close to ready to roll it out to the rest of the public, but maybe with a region by region plan, so as to avoid server failure.

If you’re not on the beta build yet, you can download it from the Google Play Store for free. If you already have WhatsApp on your device, you can update it to see if video calling is already enabled on your beta build.

VIA: Reddit