WhatsApp may be introducing new quote feature


When you’re in a very active group conversation and you’ve just been away for a few minutes and you come back to 100+ messages, haven’t you ever wished that you could reply to just a single message when you’re back reading and quote said message to avoid confusion? Well if you’re using WhatsApp, you may just get that feature soon as it seems several beta users have reported seeing such an option when they long press a message.


Usually, when you long press a message, you get four options: star, trash, copy, and forward. But several users who are in the beta version of WhatsApp have said that they now have an additional option, which is a reply-like arrow. It quotes that message and then allows you to reply to it specifically. This is kind of what you do on Twitter when you’re commenting on and quoting a Tweet.

So when you’re in that long thread of a group chat, you can actually use the feature to bring the discussion back to whatever it is you wanted to talk about. And if you tap on the quoted message, you will be brought back to the original message so you can understand the thread better. For one-on-one conversations, this feature may not be useless, unless you’re also back reading a gazillion messages from that one person you’re talking to.

Even if you’re already on the beta program, it’s not an actual guarantee that you will get this feature. Maybe it is still gradually rolling out, but not everyone has it already. Do let us know if you’ve gotten the quote feature and what you think about it.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google