WhatsApp officially starts rolling out video calling to users

This is not something new for WhatsApp beta users as they have probably tried out this feature before. But for all of those who are just using the regular app, the communications app has finally made the official announcement that video calling will be coming soon to all users. This service is meant to supplement the already existing messaging, Group Chat, and voice calling, as people seem to now prefer to actually see the people they’re talking to.

The Facebook-owned messaging company has officially said they’re bringing the video calling feature to its more than 1 billion users around the world. Whether they’re using an Android, iOS or even Windows devices, you will be able to make video calls to anyone who has also had that option activated. They emphasized that they “want to make these features available to everyone”, regardless of the kind of phone you have or the cellular network capacity of where you live in.

This feature was previously available for the beta community, was eventually pulled out for undisclosed reasons, and then put back in just a couple of weeks ago. Some were predicting that the reason why it was added back was that we were close to an actual release and so they wanted to iron out a few kinks.

WhatsApp did not specify a timetable as to when the update that will feature the video calling option will rollout to users. They just said that this will happen “in the coming days” so always check your account if an update is already available.

SOURCE: WhatsApp