Wildcard lets you get updated with news relevant to you

There are a lot of news curating Android apps out there, so choosing the best one, or the one you like the most, can be a difficult task. If you’re still looking for something, then one candidate that wants to make space on your smartphone or tablet is an app called Wildcard. And one advantage that this app has over most in the market is that it relies on human editors more than algorithms to curate the news that it brings to your devices.

The stories in the app are of course shown in cards, or rather a series of cards with a number on the corner to show you how many stories are actually in there, from various sources and sites, and even from Twitter. If the story is big enough (and you are lazy enough), it will have snippets so you can get an idea of what it is, even if you choose not to read the entire thing. But if you do want to dig deeper into it, there are also longer forms that you can dive deep into.

The developer says that they use “streamlined card technology” so that you won’t have to wait forever for your stories to load. It has a stripped down reading UI in the card view so that it will load faster and it will also use lower bandwidth, if you’re concerned about counting data. And if you want to share it, there are a lot of options. And if you want to save a story, you can just add it to your card list.

You can download Wildcard from the Google Play Store for free. There are no in-app purchases, just stories you can scan, skim, or read in-depth.


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