Wirelessly charge your smartphone with this Samsung charging pad, now 72% off [DEALS]

Tired of dealing with charging cables that get tangled and clutter your workstation? Go wireless with the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad. It’s just $18.99, marked down from the regular $68. If you’ve ever wished for your tangled mess of charging cables to disappear, it looks like your prayers have finally been answered. Introducing the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad, which makes it easy to charge your Samsung — or any other Qi-compatible device — without having to use any wires.

Just plug the charging pad into a conveniently placed electrical outlet and put your device onto the pad. It’s just that simple. The pad then uses Qi induction technology to power up your device quickly and easily. You can even continue to use your device like normal while it’s sitting on the pad.

This handy charging pad is the perfect solution for workstations that get easily cluttered. It’s looks sleek and ultra-professional too. Now you can get rid of all your excess cables and free up valuable USB ports and electrical outlets for other uses.

It’s compatible with all Qi-enabled devices including the Samsung Galaxy S6 models and the Galaxy Note 5. It’s also compatible with models as old as the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, provided they are equipped with a wireless charging battery cover.

Clean up your workstation today with the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad, marked down to just $18.99 with free US shipping at Android Community Deals.