Xiaomi may have a concept phone with bendable display

We’ve seen leaked images and reports about various OEMs like Samsung, Lenovo and OPPO playing around with a smartphone that has a display that can bend around in various ways. So this early a lot of people are saying that bendable displays may be the next big thing when it comes to mobile technology. Now another phone manufacturer may be joining the bendy fray as leaked images of a Xiaomi concept phone with a bendable display has been making the rounds on Baidu, a Chinese social network.

Two photos were leaked on Baidu and it shows a flexible screen that can be bent in any direction, like upwards, downwards, etc. Of course the first concern over photos like this is that they may have been rendered on Photoshop. Some say they can’t find any trace of that in the two pictures, so it may very well be the real thing. Or the person who made that is just pretty good at digital manipulation.


But even if the images are authentic, don’t get your hopes up just yet that we’ll see a phone like that anytime soon. The idea is still difficult to mass produce and will probably cost too much, even for a high-end device. We’ll have to make do with various other display advancements, like curved displays and almost bezel-less screens.

Samsung has already reportedly filed for a patent for a foldable phone while Lenovo almost unveiled a flexible smartphone during this year’s IFA. OPPO also has something in development, reports are saying. But all of these will probably take years before they come into fruition. Let’s wait and see if Xiaomi will be one of the first out the door.

VIA: Gizmo China