Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus takes advantage of SD821’s Clear Sight technology to the hilt

We talked about Qualcomm jumping on the dual camera trend a few weeks ago, and with its current flagship chipset – the Snapdragon 821 – now out to market, we should see quite a few manufacturers take advantage of that specific feature. The first one to jump on that is Xiaomi’s Mi 5s Plus – the follow up to the performance beast that was the Mi5.


The Mi 5s Plus just happens to have dual 13MP Sony camera sensors at the back, perfect for this set up. As we explained before, one sensor is dedicated to capturing color, while the other is a black and white sensor that gives better low light performance and more accurate contrast and detail levels. You can see below what that achieves. The top photo is of course the reference one taken with Clear Sight tech. The bottom photo shows zoomed-in areas and how the detail differs greatly.



As you can clearly see, the detail is awesome when zoomed in for the Clear Sight photos, especially in daylight images. The low light images (see below) still put out differences in the detail, but you can see mostly that the advantage is in the clarity and less on the detail.



If you want to try out Qualcomm’s Clear Sight tech, the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus is one of the first to have it. The smartphone, released just a month ago, retails for around USD$390, very attractive for the flagship specs it carries. The problem is getting your hands on one, if you’re in the US.

SOURCE: Xiaomi