Xiaomi to reveal an all-new product globally at the CES 2017

Xiaomi is proud to announce that it will be flying to Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2017 for the next International CES. For most geeks, the year starts with a bang as one of the biggest tech events will happen in the Sin City. It’s been a tradition for tech companies, OEMs, startups, and mobile consumers to head on to CES to launch and check out what’s new in the world of technology and consumer electronics.

CES 2017 will be another launch pad for new tech and innovation and Xiaomi is now preparing for the big event. The brand is expected to unveil and demonstrate new products that illustrate how it is “pushing the boundaries of innovation”.

The Chinese OEM has always believed in the vision “innovation for everyone”. As one of the top names in the Chinese mobile tech industry, it aims to offer and made widely accessible “high-quality products built with cutting-edge technology” as noted in a press description.

Xiaomi recently announced on Twitter that an “all-new product” will be launched globally. That’s singular–only one–so we’re curious to know what that could be. We believe Xiaomi will also introduce more than one product so we’re adding this to our list of things to look forward to.

SOURCE: Xiaomi