Xperia’s upcoming 2017 device model numbers seen on website

We only have 2 months left for 2016 and so of course OEMs are already prepping their devices and gadgets that will be released for next year. By this time of course, they’re probably in the phase of fixing permits, testing it out on benchmarking sites, etc, and so you can expect some leaks from those who look out for things like this. For example, someone has spotted the model numbers of two new smartphones that Sony will be releasing in 2017.

If Sony will be following tradition, then the 2017 range of devices will be under the “G” name, given that this year we had the “F” and the year before we had “E” devices. Further proof of course is found in the model number that has been spotted at the Eurasian Economic Commission, which are the G3112 and the G3121 models. Apart from the model numbers, there are no other information that we can get from the sighting.


When it comes to models and make, Sony doesn’t always follow the same patterns. But if they did, we might be seeing a mid-range 2017 equivalent of this year’s Xperia XA, which carried the model number F31XX. But again, apart from that, there really isn’t much we can tell.

But since 2017 is just two months away, we’ll probably be hearing more about Xperia’s upcoming models for next year. As always, we’ll bring you news and rumors as they come along.

VIA: Xperia Blog