Yahoo launches Newsroom app to create a news-focused community

Yahoo would probably not be the first name that will come up when talking about news sources and networks (unless you’re still a loyal user) but apparently, there are more than 300 million people who go to them every month and “share their voice and opinions on important news stories”. So in order to create an actual community for those users, and hoping to add more users in the process, they’ve launched a new app called Yahoo Newsroom.

Think of it as a sort of news magazine that is especially tailored according to your tastes and interests, kind of like what Flipboard and Google Now does. But their goal is to actually create conversation and “empower our passionate community”, although with the current news climate, we’re not so sure we want even more opinions flooding our networks. But anyway, if you’re into that sort of thing, then you might want to give their app a try.


Their topics are called Vibes and in the explore tab, you’ll be able to see a whole range that you might be interested in. The more Vibes you add, the more your newsfeed will change, depending on the things that you’re interested in. You can also participate in the news items that will be seen on the app. Just post articles you think are worth reading and sharing and you can even include your opinions or comments if you want to start a conversation. Those who like the same Vibes will be the ones to see your articles.


You can download Yahoo! Newsroom from the Google Play Store for free. It’s interesting to see the company still not giving up despite all the challenges on trying to keep up with all the various apps out there. But they’re still alive and kicking, so let’s see how this new app will fare.

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SOURCE: Yahoo!