You can now finally choose sides in Plants vs Zombies Heroes

You’ve been playing Plants vs Zombies for some years now. However, you’ve always wanted to be on the side of the undead, but the game forces you to be #teamplant. Now, finally, you’re being given the freedom to choose which side you want to play for in the latest variant of the game, Plants vs Zombies Heroes. Not only that, the gameplay has somewhat changed as it’s not just the usual lane battles, but you actually are also playing a collectible card game.

You can now choose if you want to play as a weapon-throwing plant or a brain-eating zombie, and you have 20 characters to choose from, each with varying unique abilities. You then build card decks around the character before the battle finally plays out in a scenario that is very familiar: lanes. How you strategize all your moves will depend on the superhero powers you’ve chosen, or it can be vice versa as well.

Every hero of course needs a team or a crew and they will be made up of beloved characters from past PvZ games. You can choose from over a hundred of these, depending again on whose side you’re on. Your winning strategy will also depend on the team members that you pick. You can use Auto Team Builder if you’re in a hurry, or carefully select your own, and then collect more members as you play along.


You can play this game on your own or go online and test yourself and your team against other players in real-time. This may be the jolt that this “aging” (well as much aging as you can get in digital) franchise may need. You can download Plants vs Zombies Heroes from the Google Play Store for free, with in-app purchases available.

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