ZTE launches premium Axon 7 with 6GB RAM, 128GB storage in the US

Another variant of the popular Axon 7 is ready to wow the mobile consumers. Aside from the Axon 7 Mini and the Axon Pro, ZTE is introducing this Axon 7 6+128. It’s a new model upgraded with 6GB RAM and 128GB onboard storage. The latest Axon 7 is another premium flagship version that costs only $499.98. Price isn’t mid-range but for the specs, it’s definitely worth it.

OEMs are slowly pushing for the 6GB standard RAM and by next year, flagship phones may have it as a minimum feature. As for the 128GB storage, that may not be the minimum yet but at least we know that smartphones can have as much storage.

Axon 7 6+128 will have the same specs and features except of course, for the increased storage capacity and memory. This is the same smartphone that boasts of a Force touch technology and premium Hi-Fi audio. This Limited Edition ZTE Axon 7 Android phone will be available in the United States where the OEM is currently one of the top providers of unlocked phones–no. 4 supplier and no. 2 in the no-contract market.

The Axon 7 is the first ever ZTE phone to be available in the country with Force Touch technology. The company continues to deliver products that showcases “ZTE’s innovation in the handset market”.